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Programme: Upcoming Meetings and Events for 2015

Through the fall, winter and spring, we meet at 7:30 pm on the 4th Monday of the month in the auditorium of the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History, 1747 Summer Street, Halifax. Meetings are open to the public. Field trips are held throughout the year, but most frequently during the summer. They are usually held on a Saturday or Sunday. The field trips are also open to the public, except when numbers must be restricted.

NS Wild Flora Society Board hard at work planning programme (fall, 2014).
Caitlin Porter joined the board in 2015.

Events during the summer are often scheduled on short notice.
Members receive e-mail notification.

FALL 2016

Monday Oct 24, 2016
Oak Drumins of the Chebucto Peninsula

Speaker: David Patriquin
Oak-dominated woodlands occur on many of the drumlins on the Chebucto Peninsula. Most stands are less than 50 years old, dating back to an era of frequent fires. At least one and possibly several drumlins in a more remote area of the Five Bridge Lakes Wilderness Area support multi-aged old growth red oak stands. David Patriquin will describe these communities based on informal observations over the last 8 years and a more formal study of an old growth stand that he conducted with Nick Hill. Old growth red oak forest is apparently now rare within the whole range of red oak in North America. For a little background about the natural history of the area, see Landscapes of the Five Bridge Lakes Wilderness Area: A natural History
Avrainvillea spp.
Oak drumlin in the Five Bridge Lakes Wilderness Area
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7:30 pm at NSMNH

Monday, Nov 28, 2016
Will Martin: How the sharing economy can enable good forestry and why that's really important for conservation goals

More details and events to follow

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