Monday Feb 25, 2019: New Nature Conservancy Properties

On Monday February 25 2019, guest  speaker and member Doug van Hemessen will inform us about some of the newest Nature Conservancy of Canada properties in Nova Scotia including the new acquisition in the Tatamagouche area.  We plan to visit that area in a weekend trip this summer.  Following Doug’s presentation (about 45  minutes) and questions, the remainder of the meeting will be devoted to a discussion of plans for the Tatamagouche trip. Charlie Cron will give a short presentation on some of the relatively rare intervale vegetation we may see in the area.


Canada Lily (Lilium canadense) – Photo Charles Cron

Come join us at 7:30 pm, Monday Feb. 25, 2019 in the auditorium of the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History, 1747 Summer Street, Halifax.

Members’ Photo Night Monday Jan. 28, 2019

On Monday Jan. 29, all NSWFS members have an opportunity to share their favourite recent photos on the high quality projector in the Museum of Natural History.  Select up to 10 of your favourite flora slides of the year or from any trip you found interesting and put them on a memory stick to be loaded into a computer before the meeting begins. Do you have a photo of a Mystery Plant to include?  
Please contact us at nswildflora@yahoo.ca if you are interested and have not done so already. 

…Meetings for Feb Mar, topics TBA
…Possible winter ID walk
…Mar/Apr Skunk cabbage in SW Nova Scotia (field trip)
…Apr is AGM and ACCDC talk
…Apr/May: Avon Peninsula/Hepatica exploration (field trip; Charles Cron)
…May: Nature NS weekend (usually last wk-end in May)
…May or early June, outdoor evening Mtg/Walk

Jack Lake lands, fall 2018