Glossaries and Related Learning Materials

  • Tropicos
    A resource maintained by the Missouri Botanical Gardens. “Tropicos(R) was originally created for internal research but has since been made available to the world’s scientific community. All of the nomenclatural, bibliographic, and specimen data accumulated in MBG’s electronic databases during the past 25 years are publicly available here. This system has over 1.2 million scientific names and 4.0 million specimen records. “
  • Glossary for the Second Edition of The Jepson Manual
    In this glossary for contributors to the authoritative Jepson Manual: Higher Plants of California, the editors have “limited the number of technical terms to facilitate use of TJM2 by people who have not had formal training in botany”. A list of Some Rejected Terms and Examples of Acceptable Alternative is provided.
  • Categorized Glossary Index
    This glossary presents terms by their general subject area, e.g., terms related to roots, stems, buds etc. Many terms are illustrated with line drawings. The glossary is a web version of the glossary in Vascular Plant Systematics (Radford, A. E., W. C. Dickison, J. R. Massey, C. R. Bell. 1976. Harper and Row, New York.) prepared by Jimmy R. Massey and James C. Murphy in 1996.
  • Glossary of plant terms
    With pictures, courtesy of the University of Rhode Island College of the Environment and Life Sciences
  • Biology 301–Taxonomy Of Flowering Plants – Links Broken
    Online pages from Texas A&M class. Sections on Vegetative Characteristics and Reproductive Characteristics define terms and provide photographs to illustrate them.
  • Botanical Terms & Pages from Gray’s Lessons in Botany
    Definitions or explanations of botanical terms used on this website. Pages from Gray’s Lessons in Botany provide more comprehensive coverage of selected topics.