ID PI204613 Cumberland Co. 19Feb2021

As initially posted on the Harvest Plan Map Viewer

The Nova Scotia Wild Flora Society is unambiguous in its categorization of this patch (PI204613) as Old Growth due to the mosses and ferns growing on live bark and the diameter of slow growing tree species. Furthermore, there are large old native ash scattered throughout as well. The IUCN has redlisted native ash (critically endangered). We are asking that forestry equipment be kept out of areas hosting native ash. We repeat our request that this 18 ha site be protected. See example ash photographed on this patch with my hiking pole for scale, below.

With kindest regards

Mary Macaulay, P. Eng. on behalf of NSWFS (secretary)

Hiking pole for scale pic

Wood sorrell growing on live tree bark

Carex etc. growing on live tree bark

As currently (Feb 19, 2021) shown in archive layer on HPMV

Development Class from the Provincial Landscape Viewer