Bryophytes Publications

  • Sphagnum ID Eastern Canada An illustrated guide for the macroscopic identification of 36 Sphagnum species found in eastern Canada was produced as part of the Geological Survey of Canada project “Surficial Geology and Environmental Processes in Peatlands”
  • Erskine 1956 intro to Nova Scotian mosses  A PDF scan of the 1956 guide to common local mosses.
  • erskine_1968_moss flora of NS  A more technical paper on Nova Scotia mosses.
  • Belland R.J. & Schofield W.B. 1994. The ecology and phytogeography of the bryophytes of Cape Breton Highland National Park. Nova Hedwigia 59: 275-309.
  • Glime, Janice M. 2007. Glime, Janice M. 2007- Bryophyte Ecology. Volume 1: Physiological Ecology. Volume 2: Bryological Interaction. Volume 3: Habitats and Roles. Volume 4: Pollution. Volume 5: Uses. Ebook sponsored by Michigan Technological University and the International Association of Bryologists. accessed on 14 May 2011. Available at
  • Garbary, D.J., Miller, A.G., Scrosati, R., Kim, K.Y. & Schofield, W.B. 2008. Distribution and salinity tolerance of mosses from Nova Scotia salt marshes in the southern Gulf of St. Lawrence. Bryologist 111: 282-291.

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