Nova Scotia

  • Endangered Wild Plants of N.S. by Paul Keddy (1978)
    This article was in the June 1978 issue of DNR’s CONSERVATION publication. Paul addresses the questions, “What are they [rare and endangered species]? Where do they grow? What can be done to protect them?” See Paul’s map of the three less common floras which host most of our species at risk. (The map was unforunately deleted in the most recent posting of this article.)
  • Rare Plants in the Highlands – Key to Glacial History by: James Bridgland (1989)
    This article was in the SUMMER 1989 issue of DNR’s CONSERVATION publication. “Over a third of the 210 species designated as rare in Nova Scotia are found in the Cape Breton Highlands, and half of these are found mainly in deep rocky gorges which dissect the plateau.”
  • The Natural History of Nova Scotia (1996)
    The entire two volume set of the 2nd edition of this comprehensive work is available as downloadable pdf documents of individual chapters. Look up the contents under Topics, Habitats and Geographic Regions. (There is a search tool, but it did not bring up some items that are contained in the text, so don’t rely on it.)Volume II of the Natural History of Nova Scotia provides a geographical classification system for N.S. that “closely follows the Biophysical Land Classification System that had been widely applied to terrestrial areas since the mid-1960s.” It is a hierarchical system with 9 Regions (8 on land, 1 in the sea), 37 Districts (4 in the the sea) and 65 Units (11 in the sea.)Three other systems of landscape classification have been produced for N.S. in recent years by different agencies.

    Natural Landscapes of Nova Scotia: Summary Descriptions (2002)

      • A Report and Map produced by the Protected Areas Branch of Nova Scotia Dept. Environment are available online.
    • Ecological Land Classification (2003)
      This is a product and ongoing project of the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources Renewable Resources Branch, with an orientation on forest management. Online maps and databases can be accessed through ths site.
  • A Virtual Field Trip of the Landscapes of Nova Scotia
    Prepared by geologist Ralph Stea for DNR, it includes The Story of Glaciers in Maritime Canada.
  • The Encyclopedia of Earth: New England-Acadian Forests
    An overview of the New England-Acadian Forests in easten Canada and the northeastern U.S., their conservation status, with lists of remaining blocks of habitat, the most important protected areas in the region, pirority activities and conservation partners.
  • Invasive Species Alliance of Nova Scotia
    Information about occurrence and control of invasive alien species in Nova Scotia.
  • Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens
    The gardens and greenhouses at the KC irving Centre at Acadia University specialize in native plants and habitats. They are open daily from dawn until dusk, weather permitting. All welcome, free admission. Various short courses are offered through the KC Irving Centre.