Field Trip 22May2017 Notes

From the Programme Announcement:
May 22, 2017 at 6:30 p.m.: Eisner Cove Wetlands
An evening walk (replacing an indoor meeting) to explore a little known mixed Acadian forest woodland and black spruce/tamarack forested wetland in Dartmouth. Meet at 6:30 p.m. at the end of Fenwick Street in Dartmouth. View Google Earth Map. Wear boots, bring insect repellent.

June 20, 2017

To [local resident], from Secretary of NSWFS

I wanted to follow up on our NS Wild Flora Society excursion to Eisner Cove Wetlands on May 22, 2017. You have quite a treasure there. Well worth protecting. Thank you for this opportunity to see it, and for inviting us to your home afterwards.

This is a list of what I noted, in the order mentioned to me. No doubt there are many more plants in your fen.

Eisnor Cove Wetlands, Fenwick Street, Dartmouth: a typical Black Spruce Fen *

  • Sumac (native) shrub – common name Sumac
  • Amelanchier (native) shrub – many, many common names, including Serviceberry, Shadbush,
  • Juneberry, Saskatoon, Wild Plum …
  • Clintonia borealis (native) flowering plant – common names Blue Bead Lily, Clintonia
  • Lycopodium dendroideum (native) clubmoss – common name Tree Groundpine
  • Coptis (native) flowering plant – common names Golden Thread or Canker Root
  • Vaccinium … (native) prostrate shrub – common name Blueberry
  • Vaccinium oxycoccos (native) prostrate shrub – common name Cranberry
  • Rhododendron canadense (native) – common name Rhodora
  • Ilex … montana ? mucronata ? (native) shrub – common name Mountain Holly
  • Picea mariana (native) coniferous tree – common name Black Spruce
  • Larix laricina (native) deciduous tree – common names Tamarack, hackmatack, larch
  • Rhododendron groenlandicum (native) shrub – common name Labrador Tea
  • Drosera rotundifolia (native) carnivorous plant – common name Round Leaved Sundew
  • Kalmia angustifolia (native) shrub – common names Sheep Laurel, Lamb Kill
  • Chamaedaphne calyculata (native) shrub – common name Leatherleaf
  • Medeola virginiana (native) flowering plant – common name Indian Cucumber Root
  • Linnaea borealis (native) flowering plant – common name Twinflower
  • Cypripedium acaule (native) orchid – common name Pink Lady’s Slipper, Moccasin Flower
  • Sarracenia purpurea (native) carnivorous plant – common name Pitcher Plant
  • Aralia hispida (native) – common name Bristly Sarsaparilla
  • common name Tritons
  • Cypripedium acaule (native) – common name Pink Lady’s Slipper
  • Trillium (native) – common name Trillium
  • Osmunda claytonian (native) – common name Interrupted Fern
  • Osmunda cinnamomea (native) – common name Cinnamon Fern
  • Dryopteris – common name Wood Fern
  • Pteridium (native) – common name Bracken Fern
  • Rubus (native) – common name Blackberry

Acer – Maple Tree
Quercus – Oak Tree
Populus – Poplar Tree
Betula – Birch Tree
Fagus – Beech Tree

* A fen is one of the main types of wetland, the others being grassy marshes, forested swamps, and peaty bogs. Along with bogs, fens are a kind of mire. Fens are minerotrophic peatlands, usually fed by mineral-rich surface water or groundwater. from Wikipedia,

Participants NSWFS excursion May 22, 2017: …. [7 NSWFS members, local resident, area Councillor)