Monday February 24

Looking for Circumboreal Plants Common to Two Continents – and A Visit to the Linnaean Botanical Garden in Uppsala, Sweden


Bob Kennedy had the opportunity to briefly visit Northern Europe this past summer. He became fascinated by the few plants which were native to both Europe and Nova Scotia and the many more that were similar, yet different species. Bob will take you through his explorations in the Black Forest, Grindewald in the Swiss Alps and Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

While in Sweden, Bob also had the opportunity to visit the Linnaean Botanical Garden in Uppsala. Bob will introduce us to Carl Linnaeus, the father of modern taxonomy, at the location he did much of his work.


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Members’ Photo Night Monday Jan. 27, 2020

On Monday Jan. 27, all NSWFS members have an opportunity to share their favourite recent photos on the high quality projector in the Museum of Natural History.  Select up to 10 of your favourite flora slides of the year or from any trip you found interesting and put them on a memory stick to be loaded into a computer before the meeting begins. Do you have a photo of a Mystery Plant to include?  
Please contact us at nswildflora@yahoo.ca if you are interested and have not done so already.
Photo: Mystery Plant – to be revealed
Bob Kennedy