ID CU060268 Cumberland Co. 15Dec2020

NSWFS appeals planned logging on Crown land in Cumberland Co. 15Dec2020

Submitted to Forestry Maps via the HPMV (Harvest Plan Map Viewer, re: DNR ID CU060268, 9 ha Variable Retention 20% 

We (NSWFS) have walked the extent of this proposed clearcut (20% retention) and have established that it is old growth climax mixed acadian forest (circa at least 200 years old) with exceptionally unusual understory moss, lichen and tree lichen biodiversity. Somewhat of a “rain forest”.

The plot is mostly steep grade and all drains into a large and important wetland. It will not be appropriate for intensive forestry but is highly desirable habitat for wildlife.

We would like the opportunity to assess the flora on the property with our experts over the spring/summer of 2021. We believe that a bird, herp and odonata survey could also be done at this time. We have taken photos of the tree lichens which are exceptionally diverse. Some we have not seen before and we would like to consult with expert Frances Anderson on these and with expert Anne Mills about the mosses.

Please remove this plot from your plans to cut.

Sincerely, Mary Macaulay, P. Eng. on behalf of NSWFS (secretary)”

Area to be cut borders and drains into this beautiful wetland. Photo on Dec 14, 2020


Some related info available from interactive maps

Proposed Harvests identified on the HPMV Note the land slopes steeply down towards the wetland.

Elevation Profile from Goggle Earth Left-south to Right-north

PLV: Forest Development Class, with Crown land block outlined, and some questions. What are the plans for further logging on this Crown land block? When were the other areas logged? What are the plans for maintaining Old Forest/Actual or Potential Old Growth? Surely  as much old forest as poss. of the oldest development class should be retained on the Crown land parcel in this highly fragmented and intensively  logged landscape.

Google Earth 2011

Archive Layer on HPMV: no records of previous harvests on Crown lands but there has been intensive harvesting in the past (see PLV Development class map above).

PLV: Ecological Emphasis Class: the whole Crown land block is described as under “Extensive Forestry”

PLV  Forest Volumes

PLV Leading species

PLV  Leading species – Jack Pine

PLV Wetlands

PLV Disturbance Regime

PLV WAM Predicted Flow

PLV Special Management Zones-Moose

PLV Moose Special Management Zones for the Province

PLV  Landscape Imagery

Google Earth 2019

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