Videos of Presentations

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Finding Beauty and Diversity in our Mosses and Liverworts

A recording of the Nov 22 Zoom presentation by Biologist Anne Mills who has been interested in the field of Bryology since she retired.

The study of bryophytes; liverworts, mosses and hornworts, can be a daunting task to the beginner but she introduces you to some of the more common and familiar, small-sized wonders of the plant world that evolved more than 400 million years ago during the Paleozoic Era.

Includes question and answer session at end.

Oct 25 – Destination Botany (or What I did on my summer vacation)

A recording of Jeff White’s Zoom presentation on Oct 25. It was my first time as a Zoom moderator, so there are some distractions in the recording.

Mainly in July of 2021, Jeff vacationed in a wide variety of locations in NS and NB. Day trips took him to many destinations: from well-known waterfalls to rare-plant locations to personal family visits. These provided opportunities for botanizing, of course. Jeff will show plenty of photos of the delightful flora he found in places like Pollet’s Cove in Cape Breton, Moose Island (Five Islands) and Oromocto, NB.