Eagle Hill Field Seminars 2020 announced – On the eastern Maine coast

Several of our NS Wild Flora Society members have attended these classes at Eagle Hill, and rave about them.

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Below Posted Feb. 7
Announcing Eagle Hill Institute’s seminars on vascular plants
Eagle Hill is right on the coast of Eastern Maine, between Acadia National Park and Petit Manan National Wildlife Refuge.
Jun 14 – 20 … Field Botany and Medicinal Plants of the Maine Coast … Steven Foster
Jul 5 – 11 … Sedges and Rushes: An Ecological Approach … Jerry Jenkins
Jul 12 – 18 … Wetland Identification, Delineation and Ecology … Rick Van de Poll and Joseph Homer
Jul 12 – 18 … Farmers in the Marsh: An Innovative Approach to Holistic Salt Marsh Restoration… Susan Adamowicz and David Burdick, and Geoff Wilson
Jul 19 – 25 … Ericaceous Heaths and the Ericaceae: Understanding Vegetation Patterns … Paul Manos
Jul 19 – 25 … Grasses of the Greater Northeast: Identification and Ecology … Dennis Magee
Aug 2 – 8 … Potamogetonaceae: Diversity and Ecology of the Pondweeds … C Barre Hellquist and Eric Hellquist
Nov 6 – 8 … Twig Identification of Trees and Shrubs (Weekend Workshop) … Dennis Magee
The following general flyer has links to individual vascular plants seminar flyers.
For general information and a complete calendar:
office@eaglehill.us … 207-546-2821, ext. 4.
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