Norris Whiston on Flower Clusters & Ecology of Common Nova Scotia Trees and Shrubs

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Norris Whiston is a member of the NS Wild Flora Society.

One of Norris’s passions is compiling user-friendly guides to the local flora, which he generously shares with all of us on a page on this website.

Norris’s latest production (2022-08-06) is a guide to Flower Clusters & Ecology of Common Nova Scotia Trees and Shrubs

In the guide, 48 common Nova Scotia trees and shrub classified by the shape/type of flower cluster (inflorescence):

Vertical Clusters (3 species)
Elongated Clusters (3)
Round Clusters (5)
Flat Clusters (6)
Small Clusters (7)
Fused/Pea-Like (2)
Lobed/Funnel/Bell (5)
Scrawny Petals (3)
Tiny or No Petals (5)
Catkins Loose (1)
Catkins Hairy or Bumpy Beady (8)

For each species there is a high quality photo by Norris illustrating the inflorescence; in most, some leaves are included.

In the text, the following information is provided in note form

Common Name
Scientific Name
Flower Colour,
Leaves (description)
Defence (types of chemicals)
Fungi (Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi. Ericoid, Ectomycorrhizae Fungi )
Site (Habitat)
Bloom (season or month of flowering)

Printed on 2 double-sided pages, it makes an inexpensive and convenient carry-along for field trips.

Besides helping us to recognize some common Nova Scotia shrubs and trees by their flowers and leaves, the guide offers tantalizing insights into the ecology of these 48 species.

Thanks Norris, for sharing your passion for learning about nature with us in a very practical manner!

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