Albert Mines, NB

I just got back from the gypsum talus slopes outside Albert Mines NB and had a pretty good day of finding new things. The particular draw for me was the only population of Dryas integrifolia in the Maritimes outside of Newfoundland. You can see some photos at
It was tricky lugging the tripod up the unstable slopes (many blackflies) without damaging anything (I think I only displaced a bit of moss).
I think I also saw myrtle leaved willow (known at that site) and am pretty sure I saw the only Anemone parviflora in a fairly large population blooming. Probably more in a couple of weeks. There was also Shepardia, Mitella and Erigeron hyssopifolius. There is supposed to be a small population of Solidago multiradiata, but I wouldn’t know how to identify it so early. All the other photos are at
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