Members’ Photo Night Monday Jan. 28, 2019

On Monday Jan. 29, all NSWFS members have an opportunity to share their favourite recent photos on the high quality projector in the Museum of Natural History.  Select up to 10 of your favourite flora slides of the year or from any trip you found interesting and put them on a memory stick to be loaded into a computer before the meeting begins. Do you have a photo of a Mystery Plant to include?  
Please contact us at if you are interested and have not done so already. 
Photos are requested to be high resolution JPEG files in a single folder on your USB memory stick. They will be shown full screen from Bob’s Mac laptop. 
The file names should start with a number indicating the sequence in which you wish them to be shown. (ie- 01 WS Lunenberg.jpg, 02 Solidago canadensis buds.jpg, 03 Virginia Rose.jpg). Resolution should be 1920×1080 pixels or higher for best quality. We can also handle Power Point or PDF files, but we request them on a black background so as not to distract from the images. Fat32 or Mac OS formating is preferred for the USB sticks, but NTFS can be accomodated (and if you don’t know what this means, don’t worry about it).
You may also bring your own computer, but we request that you have tried it out beforehand so that we don’t waste time trying to get it to talk to the projector. The same applies for formats other than the ones recommended (We can work with .tif and .tga, but some others may not work). For this reason, JPEG files on a USB stick are preferred.
If you want to show more than 10 pictures, please contact us ahead of time with an estimate of the time you require so we can gage how it would fit in. We may be forced to enforce limits if there is more to present than time available.
Come join us at 7:30 pm, Monday Jan. 28, 2019 in the auditorium of the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History, 1747 Summer Street, Halifax. 
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