Trip to Area SW of Lake Rossignol


A few members of NSWFS are submitting an application to Lands and Forests for access to some lands near protected areas to the south and west of Lake Rossignol. The road in is gated and we need to apply for a permit for research activities before they will lend us the key. This is an area with very little data on iNaturalist and we hope to supplement that. For the research activity specified in the application, we have been in touch with NS Environment and the ACCDC about recording any rare Atlantic Coastal Plains Flora we find. Anne Mills will be joining us to look for any rare bryophytes and we will also be keeping an eye out for unusual lichens. The results will be uploaded to iNaturalist and if there are important finds, we will submit more detailed documentation to ACCDC and NS Environment.

The trip is planned for 2 days somewhere between Sep 28 and Oct 18. This will depend on the speed with which the application can be approved, availability of participants and weather forecasts. The intent is to overnight in Liverpool then head out early each morning to the sites. Four of us have already scouted the area outside the gate and have a fair idea what to expect. We found the roads to be OK but a key bridge was closed which adds to the length of the journey. Max speed is about 30km/hr, so it could take about 2 1/2 hours of driving each way to get to the sites from Liverpool. Our plan is to take 2 vehicles and a total of 6 people. There will be a fair bit of trekking through bogs and bushwacking, possibly some canoing.

If any NSWFS member is interested in coming, please contact Bob Kennedy

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