Still space left on Atlantic Coastal Plain Flora Field Trip Aug 20-25

Nova Scotia is fortunate to be the home of a large, disjunct population of Atlantic Coastal Plains plant species. For most of these species, specialized habitats in South-West Nova Scotia are the only places in Canada where they can be found. The next nearest occurances can be in Massacheusetts, New Jersey or even the Carolinas. This field trip is a chance to learn about and see many of these rare plants when they are in bloom.

The trip will encompass the Tusket River and Estuary areas, bogs near Barrington, Ponhook and Molaga Lakes and a site near Kejimkujik park. We are coordinating accomodations and meals. So far we have 8 people signed up and room for four or so more. If you are interested in some or all of the trip, contact

Goldencrest – Lophiola aurea and Plymouth Gentian  – Sabatia kennedyana in bloom    Photos Bob Kennedy
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