Sep 25 Member’s Meeting – The Laugavegur Trail of Iceland: A botanical journey

At 7:30pm on Monday Sep 25, we will have our first member’s meeting of the fall season at the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History’s downstairs auditorium. Entry is via the downstairs south door by the parking lot. There will also be a concurrent Zoom session for those unable to attend.

For our presentation, Sean Haughian, the Curator of Botany at the Nova Scotia Museum, will share a slideshow about his 2017 trek along the world-famous Laugavegur trail in Iceland. Sean will share photos of many unfamiliar ecosystems, such as black deserts, high alpine glaciers, and jagged lava fields, as well as a few familiar ecosystems, such as riverside valleys and heathlands, while emphasizing the characteristic and exceptional plants throughout. Highlights include some always popular carnivorous plants and hardy lava-loving mosses.

Members will be receiving the Zoom link soon via email. If you have not received before the meeting, please contact



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