Link to Moss Flora of the Maritimes

Common Apple Moss (Bartramia pomiformis) Cape Split – Photo Bob Kennedy

Sean Haughian has provided us with this seminal reference on maritime bryophytes. You can find the link here in our reference library on Bryophytes.

Robert R. Ireland of the Museum of Natural Sciences in Ottawa created the comprehensive manual of the Moss Flora of the Maritimes in 1982.
The manual recognizes 381 species, 19 varieties and one form in 135 genera and 43 families. The treatise includes introductory information on structure and life cycle of a moss, collecting and herbarium techniques, collectors of Maritime mosses, identification and methods of study, reference books, and nomenclature and classification. Keys are provided for the genera and species. Each genus is fully described, while the species are briefly described, followed by information on habitat, maritime distribution, range, chromosome number, and relevant remarks. A full plate of black-and-white illustrations is provided for most of the species. A fully illustrated glossary is presented at the back of the book.

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