Saturday Apr 9, 2022: Rally in Support of Eisner Wetland (Dartmouth, NS)

Rhodora coming into full bloom in Eisner’s Cove Wetland on May 29, 2017. View NSWFS Post about the site & concerns about salt and nutrient inputs if the upland is developed.
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The Protect Eisner Wetland folks are holding a rally on Saturday Apr 9, 2022 1-3 pm by the block of land that includes the Eisner Wetland in Dartmouth, a favourite local site for field trips by NSWFS. David Patriquin from NSWFS will be one of the invited speakers.  Place: 189 Mount Hope Avenue, Dartmouth, NS

The surrounding, steeply sloping forested upland is one of 9 priority areas in HRM  identified by the province for accelerated development, with only 10% or less conserved as greenspace. A causeway would be built across the wetland, which is expected to remain intact!

The upland includes well developed mixed and coniferous forests, with patches of mixed-multi-aged forest/old growth. Both areas store a lot of carbon, and host almost entirely native species.

The whole area is an important stepping stone for connectivity of wildlife across the urban landscape.  It is highly treasured by local residents – and bird watchers and wildflora enthusiasts and other naturalists from all over the Halifax area.

Please come to the rally as possible and/or otherwise support the efforts to  retain as much of this area as possible in its present state.

For more info

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Google Earth image of Eisner’s Wetland & Environs, with elevation profile. Approximate areas proposed for development (based on diagrams in HRM document) are enclosed (NE side of wetland) or partially enclosed (southwest side) by white path. Panel at bottom is an elevation profile.

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